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now with 69% more crack . that number was not random

the milky way galaxy server

The Milky Way Galaxy Server
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Somehow, someway, you have managed to end up at this page, the userinfo for milkyway_server, a Star Ocean - Till the End of Time crack!RP community. Which is great. Welcome. Like I said, this is a crack RP community, only not. You make a journal for an SO3 character, post in their persojournal (YES. PERSOJOURNAL.) and in the comm., and comment to other persojournal entries, and have fun! It's that simple. Only not. Well, I guess...


So, uh, story? What story? I'm a lazy-ass so I'll just c&p from the old userinfo, ahem! : In the deep, dark recesses of outer space is a space ship unlike any other. Why is this spaceship so omg!speshul, you ask? Because aboard that ship is a group of people, a few of which are gay, a dragon, and this really weird guy who no one likes, all living together under one...space-ship-roof-thingie. Together, they must learn to deal with each other's uniquenesses and live civily under one roof. Only not.

So basically, everyone lives together on the Flagship Diplo. Nuff said.

So, like, who's taken?

The following people are participating in the festivities, the poor souls ::

¤ _fayt_leingod_ - not exactly a hero
¤ albel_nox_ - crazy doesn't even begin to cover it
¤ nel__zelpher - still partially sane
¤ _mirage_koas - used to be a really good person
¤ cliff__fittir - just wants his damn cupcakes
¤ _maria_traydor_ - needs to take a fuckin' chill-pill
¤ sophia_esteed_ - ghetto-fabulous
¤ _peppita - lolol teh fery of ilusions!!!11
¤ biwig - so fucking annoying it hurts
¤ __marietta__ - lol u suck
¤ _ameena - universal dead drug lord
¤ glou_nox - ressurected sex bomb
¤ duke_vox - and stacy too
¤ its_demeterio - OMG VOX ♥
¤ schweimer - like hey
¤ marquis_crosell - DRAGON IN A DRESS OMG
¤ _mackwell - not really a people-person
¤ misty_lear - always up to something or other
¤ mr_inquisitor - TMI does not apply
¤ luther_lansfeld - hear that sound?
¤ teh_killer_chef - short and green and deadly
¤ l_i_a_s - either dead or dysfunctional
¤ _lord_romero_ - the king of death, among other things
¤ alchemist_eliza - thinks you're a repulsive lump
¤ louise_diviner - me no speak english
¤ ryoko_leingod - not really a therapist
¤ sis_of_owner - has finally had enough
¤ azazer__ - isn't paid enough for this
¤ roger_s_huxley - furry-boy
¤ garrand - young and innocent. no, really.
¤ the__enforcer - chi?
¤ the__proclaimer - a-ano-anotherrr e-exec-cution-er-r
¤ kingyxiii - bow, bitch!
¤ welchy_vines - *smax j00!*
¤ tynave - is it really a girl?
¤ _lieber_ - just wants to be loved
¤ _clair_lasbard_ - arteest extraordinaire
¤ _quantestorie_ - holy shit he's a guy?!
¤ _gonella_ - eat your heart out, It.
¤ belzeber - queen of hot
¤ omg_berial - is NOT a pimp, thug, or gangstah
¤ steeg - touch his scissors
¤ _stanice_ - dolls are so kawaii
¤ _doctor_muraki_ - WHY is he here?!

Yes. I obviously mean it when I say we accept ANYONE in from the SO3 game, as you can tell. If you're interested in participating in this wonderful affair, just go to this one page here and follow whatever instructions may be there at the time. KTHX?


cleavethesky || dead
rub_my_squeenix || general squeenix crack rpg
giga_house || anime/video game craziness
frailtycollapse || star ocean 3 rpg


Not sure what you'd wanna contact them for, but whatevz. You have three mods. Their respective LJ's are discover, yhallotharfool, and sphere. You can IM them on AIM, too. Lulu is 'PHALLICROPHONES', Sarah is 'ANIMEBUNNYHELL', and Nicole is 'ALBELNOXIOUS'. Yeah. :D

Fayt and Albel Have Gone This Many Days Without Fighting!

Luther Has Killed Albel This Many Times!

server_therapy || server_quotes || server_oocness || server_chats

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